Personal Assistant Service is the basic concept of hiring an expert or well-trained professional to oversee the administrative tasks of your business. We will provide you Virtual Secretary Services from our team, as if we were right outside your office door! You will be free to focus on Growing Your Business.

Upon successful registration by providing your particulars, requirements, our associate will call you to give your unique Virtual Secy Id and virtual space details. This VS-Id has to be quoted while availing any of our services.

We have a gamut of audio / video chatting and information sharing tools available free of cost to all.

Our Customers (Bosses) can reach us via. audio call (through direct or intercom short cut key set up to their virtual secretary's number), video call (through Google / Skype Video calling from desktop, laptop or even Cell phone), Email (by mentioning unique Id in subject line)



Key Advantages:

  • No employee taxes reporting
  • No dedicated office space
  • No need to buy any equipment
  • No sick leave or vacation.
  • No health insurance
  • No need for training 
  • No overtime 
  • No stress with managing associates

Sample Conversation:

Hello! I am Vinod! My VS-Id is V1345      
      Good Morning Boss! Pleasure to receive your call. How may I help you?
I need a flight from Mumbai to Indore tomorrow early morning      
      Sure Boss! I will send you options in a while. May I also give options of Hotel and Transport at Indore?
Yes Please!      
      Ok. I'll get back to you in 5 minutes
      Good Morning Boss! I have sent options of flights, hotels and transport to suit your convenience. Also selected Veg-Meal option as you always prefer
Good!..I am replying to you with my preferred flight, hotel and transport option. Go Ahead with booking       
      Sure Boss! Done. I will send you all details, tickets and hotel voucher on email. Thanks for calling. Talk to you soon! Have a great day ahead!

Enjoy the experience with our Virtual Secy Services and free yourself from day to-day administrative tasks hassles. 

For registering as a Boss (Customer), Email at or Call us at +91 966 42222 87/97